Fuels Management

SBAR provides fuels management services to wing, tenant, and transient organizations. The Fuels Management Flight manages aviation (AV) and ground fuels owned by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC). AV fuel levels are requisitioned, received, and stored IAW DESC’s Inventory Management Plan (IMP) and DoD 4140.25M, Management of Bulk Petroleum Products, Storage, and Distribution Facilities. AV fuel is issued to aircraft using R-11 refueling trucks.

Base service stations are normally automated and dispense gas and diesel fuel against a government credit card. Other services include the transport of diesel fuel to on-base customers such as generators, and K-Loaders. Additionally, liquid oxygen (LOX) is available for issue to customers. Fuels Management uses computers, and specialized software, to record transactions, reports, and transmit accounting data to a centralized website (Purple Hub) for billing and accountability. SBAR ensures all products are within specifications. Fuels Management includes Requisition, Receipt, Storage, Handling, Distribution, Accounting, Quality Control and Analyses, Operator’s Preventive Maintenance, Compliance and Environmental, Planning, and Training.

Requisition, Receipt, Storage and Handling Services

SBAR ensures that stock levels are maintained IAW the DESC Inventory Management Plan (IMP) and MAJCOM established levels.

AV Fuel

SBAR coordinates with DESC designated supplier to schedule AV fuel receipts.

Gas and Diesel Fuels

SBAR uses the “Purple Hub” website to requisition gas and diesel fuels.


SBAR notifies the government purchase cardholder when to purchase LOX.

Receipt, Handling, and Storage

SBAR receives, stores, and handles products IAW Air Force procedures.


SBAR responds to product servicing requests within established times, and records all servicing related data in the Fuels Automated System (FAS). SBAR also inputs off-base fuel servicing receipts into FAS.

Operator’s Preventive Maintenance, Inspection, and Reporting

SBAR inspects, performs operator maintenance, documents and reports in accordance instructions and maintains work cards for LOX tanks and associated equipment. SBAR requisitions all government centrally managed and Due-In-From-Maintenance (DIFM) coded LOX tanks and associated equipment replacement parts utilizing the SBSS upon approval of the AO. SBAR also inspects and maintain fuel hoses and couplings.

Fuel Tank Custodian Training

SBAR conducts tank custodian training for organizational tank custodians, as scheduled by the customer.

Workgroup Administrator (WGA) Duties

SBAR performs the duties of the Workgroup Administrator (WGA) for the Fuels Automated System (FAS) in support of fuel operations in accordance with Defense Energy Support Center (DESC), MAJCOM, and Wing directives.

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