SBAR to acquire MCA Engineers, Inc.

SBAR to acquire MCA Engineers, Inc.

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Santa Barbara Applied Research (SBAR) and MCA Engineers, Inc. are pleased to announce that the companies have reached a tentative agreement for the purchase of MCA Engineers, Inc. by SBAR.

Founded in 1980, SBAR is a small business headquartered in Ventura, California. SBAR’s core capabilities and expertise are in the area of Engineering, Information Systems Technology and Logistics support services. The company’s primary customer is the U.S. Government Department of Defense.

In an announcement made today, Ms. Vaswani, President of SBAR stated that, “The purchase of MCA provides SBAR with the technical resources and capabilities, to quickly expand our business focus in the areas of specialty brought by MCA, with emphasis on Base Operations and Support.” Current plans call for completion of a due diligence study by mid-September, 2004. The sale is expected to be complete on approximately 1 October 2004.

MCA Engineers, Inc. is a small business with gross sales of approximately 17 million this year and a staff of 160 persons. Founded in 1972, MCA provides specialized Marine and Civil Engineering, Computer-Based Training, Launch Communications Support. For the past five years MCA has had a large presence at Vandenberg Air Force Base, where it had been awarded three major contracts as follows:

Launch Operations and Support Contract

MCA Engineers provides on-site support for operations and maintenance of Air Force mission critical launch facilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Facilities support includes the operation of the South Vandenberg Power Plant when required to support a launch; and preventive and corrective maintenance of launch facilities. It performs maintenance and repair of Real Property (RP), Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE), and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE). Personnel maintain electronic security, fire suppression systems, generators, UPS, HVAC units for Air Force mission critical launch facilities. In addition MCA provides corrosion control for the launch facilities; and inspect, maintain and repair elevators, cranes and hoists.

MCA is the prime contractor and performs all management, financial, administration, and other support services required. It maintains a quality, environmental, and safety staff to ensure compliance with Air Force, federal, state, and local requirements. Other support services include the functions of supply, property control, and maintenance of a library of applicable documents. Sustaining engineering includes engineering design, and construction management.

All work performed by MCA is performed in accordance with MCA’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System which was certified by EAQA, UK Ltd.

Award Fees from the Air Force since the start of the contract in 1998, have averaged over 96.8%.

Technical Services for Computer Support

MCA provides Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of VAFB computer resources, classroom training on PC programs/products, and security training in support of the Wing Information Assurance Office (WIAO).

VAFB computer resources support includes the servicing of PC’s (approximately 6500), network hardware, software and computer security, and Life Cycle Acquisition Management.

Classroom training involves the development of training plans and procedures, scheduling of students and classes, and classroom training of government personnel on COTS products, LAN and e-mail and other applications programs. MCA also provides an Information Technology instructor, specializing in hardware and software troubleshooting and network infrastructure design and support, for the Workgroup Manager program.

Launch Communications Contract

Under this contract MCA provides services and technical support required to operate and maintain launch critical technical communication systems. Technical support is provided to all users of the Western Range, Space Launch Squadrons, Flight Test Squadrons, Detachments, Space & Missile System Center; Space Operations Squadron (Vandenberg Tracking Station), Minuteman, Range System Launch, Titan and Atlas Programs, and commercial space firms.

Technical support includes operating, maintaining, testing, modifying, and/or installing launch critical communication systems, recording systems, administrative communications systems, public address equipment, closed circuit television, photographic stations, and timing systems at space launch complexes, remote launch control centers, satellite control facilities, and test facilities. The systems are comprised of many functionally discrete components that enable communication for space and missile launch processing, satellite control, testing, instrumentation, administrative, and technical activities. MCA also maintains a Critical Repair Facility (CRF) where equipment and components are reworked or repaired when possible.

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